The Art of Cloud Cost Optimization – AWS

Part 1: Low Impact Cost Optimization Techniques

Chapter 1: Effective Cost Monitoring and Management

Chapter 2: Storage and Data Management Optimization

  • S3 Cost Management
  • EBS Snapshots and Backup Management

Chapter 3: Compute Cost Efficiency

  • EC2 Savings Plans and Reserved Instances
  • Lambda Cost Management

Chapter 4: Database and Network Cost Optimization

  • RDS Cost Optimization
  • Reducing Data Transfer Costs

Chapter 5: Other Essential AWS Cost Optimizations

  • Optimizing CloudWatch Logs
  • Using AWS Systems Manager for Operations Without a Bastion Host
  • Additional Miscellaneous Cost-Effective Practices

Part 2: High Impact Cost Optimization Techniques

Chapter 6: Architectural Cost Optimization Decisions

  • Serverless vs. Containers
  • Using Spot Instances

Chapter 7: Advanced Database Management Strategies

  • Multi-Database on Single RDS
  • Choosing Managed Database Services

Chapter 8: Innovative Cost-Saving Architectures

  • Breaking Down Monoliths into Microservices
  • Reassessing Serverless Implementations

Chapter 9: Proactive and Predictive Cost Management

  • Building a Culture of Cost Awareness
  • Predictive Cost Management with AI

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